Moving Forward

“Context is everything in a fable, because every story has already been told. So the only variations I find are the voice of the storyteller and the context in which it’s told.” – Guillermo Del Toro [source]

Everything is bad, and it sucks, and I’m sorry.

If, by some wild, beautiful chance, you’re reading this post in the year 2025 and have no idea what I’m talking about, let me be a little clearer.

Everything is bad and it sucks and I don’t have a single good thing to say about it.

So, with that out of the way, I have some other things to say. Most of these things revolve around a single, central, selfish theme: I miss seeing movies in a movie theater.

I miss leaving my house for two hours, turning my phone off, and existing somewhere else. I also miss having an excuse to postulate on here in an utterly self-indulgent way about nothing.

And I have decided to get up off my butt and do something about it.

Starting tomorrow, on Monday April 12th, I will be posting on 1080MM at least twice a week. Given my low productivity level right now, this seems like a naive and silly thing to say. I am saying it anyway. I live without fear, just with endless regret.

Every Monday morning (central time zone), my new weekly column will go up. Each post will have news on what’s been added to streaming services, recommendations from me on what to watch, and a potpourri of things I’ve been digging into on my own end.

Additionally, I’m starting a new series every Friday called I Didn’t Finish This. I have been blessed with the profound attention span of a dizzy goldfish, and there are more than a few things I haven’t finished watching. Sometimes it’s for a good reason. I think.

I said at least two posts a week, and I meant it, because I’m also working on long-form exploratory pieces to share on here. These have a much higher word count, along with requiring a ton of research and outlining. So, yes, irregular posting. I am also a college student, and I enjoy having time to sprawl out and do nothing sometimes. Balance.

I will be sharing posts on my Twitter, @careykirijo, and I would also encourage you to subscribe to email updates for 1080MM using the list tool at the bottom of the homepage.

I hope all of you are able to stay healthy, get rest, and take care of your families and loved ones right now. See you tomorrow!

– Carey

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